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Their Orientation Leader will take them around campus, do activities with them, have discussions with them, help them register for the next semester's classes and make them feel comfortable about coming to school in the fall. This usually includes campus tours, introducing transfer students to their adviser or perhaps a few of their teachers, and filling out paperwork for proper enrollment.

After she delivered her lovely speech, the president and the board members left the gymnasium while the students remained in their seats waiting for their department of study to be called down so that they can meet with the faculty members so that they can discuss further details about the courses with their future students.

Freshies is also an emerging term in New Zealand. Although officially designated as a week, in several New Zealand universities and polytechnics orientation week stretches to over ten days.

Frosh or frosh week in some[ citation needed ] colleges and universities in Canada. St Thomas University, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, hosts a week-long event including activities for each residence and activities for new students. United States[ edit ] Students and professor in conversation during orientation at Shimer College.

Freshers' Flu is a predominately British term which describes the increased rates of illness during the first few weeks of university.

Harsh physical punishments were not uncommon during the Suharto era, and mass media continues to report inhumane activities during those orientation that led to a few cases of death. At most schools, incoming freshmen arrive at the school for a couple of days during the summer and are put into orientation groups led by an upperclassman trained for the position.

Harsh physical punishments were not uncommon during the Suharto era, and mass media continues to report inhumane activities during those orientation that led to a few cases of death.

Orientation day at Seneca

Due to the perceived gender exclusiveness of the term, some institutions including the University of North Carolina have adopted "first-year student" as the preferred nomenclature. The residential colleges often have their own "O-week" activities catered primarily for residents as well as the annual "Burgmann Toga Party" held at Burgmann College open to students from all residential colleges.

The Australian National University has a full week Sunday to Sunday [4] of events, parties and social activities open to all students of the university, organised by the Australian National University Students Association. Since it was established, this has become the group of people who share their opinions about SOTUS system based on how they have encountered it.

New students may be referred to as piltti childfuksi freshmanfetus or other names according to their major subject. Most senior students who are mentors during the nollning wear their student boilersuits or the b-frack a worn tailcoat.

Why, more than 60 years later, are we not giving these resources the full credit they deserve by emphasizing their benefits during the orientation period? Indonesia student orientation better known as OSPEK Student Orientation and Campus Introduction Indonesia[ edit ] In past years a typical orientation may consist of verbal harassment as well as initiation leading to humiliation.

Western University hosts the largest orientation program in Canada, involving student volunteers and an entire week of activities. The most basic form of orientation in Indonesia consist of an educational board run and introduction of campus cultural behavior. Activities include games, entertainment and recreation.

These periods usually involve heavy amounts of drinking, partying and sexual activity among the tutors themselves. The terms "freshies" and "freshers" are also emerging. This is most extensive at the technical faculties and at the student nation communities of Uppsala and Lund.

This news has resulted in people thinking that rapnong should end or, at least, be controlled. Keep a notebook handy to record this important information.

Hazing is a concern in this activity, as many students have been humiliated, abused, and dehumanized by their upperclassmen. The Guelph Engineering Society also hosts a series of special events for Engineering Frosh including frosh olympics, beach day, and a scavenger hunt.

Freshman orientation lasts a few days or a week, on the other hand, transfer student orientation will typically last between one and three days. Recently, the state of Texas has made strides in this area. This is generally followed by continued partying and drinking, especially among students living in residential colleges such as Janet Clarke Hall and Ormond College.

The University of British Columbia cancels the first day of class for all students, and hosts an orientation day for new students, called Imagine Day.

Finland[ edit ] First-year "fuksi" tursas student orientation, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland, In Finnish universities, the student organizations for each department independently organize orientation activities for the new students in their respective departments. Terminology[ edit ] The week before the term starts is known as: Freshies is also an emerging term in New Zealand.

In recent times Sports and Clubs have sought to distance themselves from the student union and student association controlled activities and have set themselves up on the Maths lawns.


They however vary, and are significantly shorter than the overall orientation period spent on Roskilde University. This also allows students a chance to orient themselves to student life without the pressure of lectures—hence the term Orientation week is used to describe this week of induction into university life.

During these days mostly social activities are held, including the more secret hazing rituals of the university. In New Zealand's main university towns such as Dunedin and Palmerston North where students make up around one fifth of the population orientation week leads a wide range of events.

In Australian universities, such as the University of MelbourneUniversity of New South Wales and University of Sydneythe last or second last night is usually celebrated with a large-scale event such as a famous band playing at an entertainment venue on campus.

Student orientation

In recent times Sports and Clubs have sought to distance themselves from the student union and student association controlled activities and have set themselves up on the Maths lawns.

Freshmens were asked to wear hats made of bird's nest, necktie made of folded paper, military hairstyle for male students or intricate braids for females, and the usage of a sack instead of a rucksack.Colleges and universities should implement orientation seminars to educate new students about available resources and support systems concerning mental health, It Starts Day 1.

released results from a survey of college students experiencing a mental health condition, noting that 64 percent of respondents left college as a result of.

Orientation Training Program for New Employees 1. Introduction ). Should be a college graduate. Be able to get-together with group. Be able to have a good conduct in performing the work. 3. A principal may get pulled in a dozen different directions every day, but their main underlying focus should still be the.

New Student Orientation and Welcome Party! 8/28 We will have our annual Welcome Party for the incoming students at on Wednesday, August 28 in the department lounge, room ; there will be no colloquium that day.

the reception desk on Orientation Day and make sure that the receptionist indicates on the checklist that you turned it in. The following short excerpt is adapted from an essay by Stephen Jay Gould, who taught biology.

Student orientation or new student orientation (often encapsulated into an Orientation week, Frosh Week, Welcome Week (or Freshers' Week) is a period before the start of an academic year at a university or tertiary institutions.

Format for report on ORIENTATION PROGRAM PHASE I – PLANNING THE EVENT OBJECTIVE – To come to a consensus as to which activities to choose from, the values we want to impart, and also to be of such kind which ensures participation from everyone i.e.

all the mentors as well as the mentees, also keeping time constraints in mind.

Orientation day in college essay
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